Body Rituals

Women in body bath
Citrus Fresh Massage

Citrus Fresh Body Float Full Body Herbal Massage

We’re just here for the bubbles. Begin this refreshing active foam bubble bath. This blend is made with nourishing alone, vitamin E and Green Tea — it works wonderfully on skin that’s been sunkissed just a little too much. As bubbles rest on skin and nourish, you’ll begin dreaming about the organic lemongrass mineral-infused cooling compress and hydrating shea butter massage that is soon to follow.

75 min $240
Coconut Bliss Body Buff

Coconut Bliss Tropical Body Buff

Slip away and forget the day as your troubles are polished off. An irresistibly softening organic whipped shea butter and exfoliator buffs skin to smooth, supple perfection as the scent of fresh coconut, lemon and bergamot fills the air. Once skin is polished, a hydrating application of organic coconut oil and shea butter cream – scented with white coconut and pineapple – completes this blissful experience. You’ll be ready to face the world – feeling and smelling like you’ve journeyed to a tropical paradise.

50 min $190 | 80 min $240
Saltwater Therapy

Saltwater Therapy

No matter the weather outside, it’s toasty and beautiful inside your treatment room! Notes of crisp lemongrass and the finest grains of sea salt envelop you from every angle as you’re newly restored, buffed and glistening – you’ve never felt so delicious! Next, a nourishing milk mask is painted on to help refine & repair skin before being wrapped up in a rosemary and mint tea oil wrap. A tropical massage with juicy notes of a lime and coconut body milk moisturizer, filled with 8 natural oils, seals in all the delightfulness!

80 min $240
Seaside Suds Treatment

Seaside Suds Luze Lather Treatment

Time for a juicy bubble break! A hydrating, whipped butter and creamy Coconut Beach polish banishes any dry, dead or rough edges – whisking you off to your own private blue sky and sandy paradise! Next, a frothy, bubbling oasis covers every inch of skin, you’ll bask in a super hydrating active relief foam whip that provides moisture to parched skin, while also taking the edge off any sunburn discomfort. If the notes of coconut and Bartlett pears don’t drift you to the edge, the calming chamomile and green tea extracts will! This tropical oasis ends with a delicious vitamin-E rich shea butter kneading for lasting hydration!

80 min $250

Reflexology Foot Ritual

This therapy begins with a foot scrub and focuses on pressure points within the reflex zones of your feet to balance the meridians of the body and bring a greater sense of wholeness and boy integrity.

50 min $165