Facial Rituals

Honey-Wine Facial

Honey-Wine Resveratrol Recovery Facial

This invigorating treatment is the ideal antidote to tired, dehydrated skin. First, enjoy a luxurious rinse with a green tea and coconut milk wash followed up by a soft aronia fruit and rose water tonic – skin will dazzle with delight! Next, your freshly cleansed complexion will be treated to a raw honey, yogurt and oats face mask designed to soothe and clarify. Wash it down with a peakantioxidant, wine-infused serum proven to reduce pore size and fine lines, before Three Milk Ageless Moisturizer provides the perfect hydration backed with wrinkle-performance peptides that feel instantly firming. An application of advanced peptide Crow Catcher Eye Serum finishes by smoothing fine lines.

50 min $225
Twilght Beaming Facial

Twilight Beaming HiBio Hemp Radiating Facial

A crisp facial targeted toward dull, lackluster skin, rejoice! You’re greeted by a micro kale extract cleanser – enriched with a fresh, minty green scent. Pores refine themselves with a clarifying tonic of cucumber water, phytonutrient red leaf lettuce extract, and triple hydroxy acids. Next, we exfoliate all the tough stuff away with a minty plantfoliant™ facial scrub with 5 botanicals. Now silky smooth, you’ll bask in the creamy deliciousness of a hydrating avocado butter mask – full of good-for-skin nutrients like potassium along with vitamins K, E and C. As this cooling blend sets, arms and hands are gently kneaded with a lustrous, Hi-Bio™ Hemp oil with CBD, while complexion finds its own natural glow with an Omega 7-rich Seaberry and Hi-Bio™ Hemp serum-in-oil. Then, we beautify the eyes with a transforming serum to banish the look of dark circles and fine lines. We finish with an advanced peptide and botanical milk hydrator to turn back the hands of time.

50 min $225
Magic Milk Facial

Magic Milk Probiotic Calming Facial

A pH-balanced Green Tea Milk Wash infuses skin with moisture as it gently cleanses. Next, a crisp spritz of aronia fruit and rose water tonic refines skin to silky smooth splendor before an exfoliating blend of burdock root and rice bran calm and bring skin to a glistening state. Afterward, complexion is treated to a pro- and prebiotic coconut milk mask – drinking in the healthy and powerful bacteria to turn back the hands of time, followed by a resveratrol and antioxidant enriched serum. Skin is then lifted to an enchanted state with the firming Three Milk Ageless Moisturizer and a serum targeting crow’s feet. Consider the spell complete!

50 min $175
Watercress Moisturewave Facial

Watercress Moisturewave Hydrating and Balancing Facial

Give complexion the gift of glow! This moisturizing affair begins with a green tea and coconut milk cleanse to clear the slate clean for a cucumber water and phytonutrient lettuce tonic. This step helps clarify and balance oils with FHF-grown red lettuce varieties that are rich with antioxidants, phytonutrients and vitamins A & K! Complexion is then buffed smooth with a minty plantfoliant™ with 5 botanicals, followed by an ultrasoothing peat mineral vegetative mask. Feel the calm as this allantoin and vegetative blend works to soothe and balance. All this hydration is locked in with an antioxidant-rich recovery serum, featuring a rich blend of super fruits and resveratrol. Finally, an eye-perfecting serum beautifies eyes by instantly minimizing the look of crow’s feet. We end with a cooling wave of hydration in the form of a hyaluronic gelée moisturizer with time-release retinol —plus FHF-grown watercress extract, blue matcha, chlorophyll, and a powerful peptide to fight free radicals and the look of wrinkles.

50 min $225

Microdermabrasion Diamond Tip Facial

The end all and be all of deep exfoliation, microdermabrasion cannot be beat! This non-abrasive treatment stimulates blood flow to the surface of the skin, increasing oxygenation, and thereby causing enhancement of cell renewal. Treat those fine lines, acne scarring, hyper pigmentation and sun damage that cause premature aging! Treatment facial includes cleanse, tone, micro-derm, hydrotherapy mask and moisturizer. This leaves your skin with a healthy glow!

75 min $300

Dermaplaning Facial

Dermaplaning is a safe and highly effective manual exfoliation technique used to get rid of velius hair and dead skin. Revealing a bright and smooth finish.

75 min $350